Current swimming pool trends for the summer

Are you considering building or upgrading your existing pool this year? While it’s important to stay within your budget, there are certain things you need to understand about the current swimming pool designs. So, you need to look at the current trends to make sure you select a trending design.

Current swimming pool trends for the summer

Pool automation

Smart technology has also found its way into the design of swimming pools. These days, you can control a lot of functionalities of your swimming pool using a smart phone. This gives you convenience and peace of mind. You can control the heat level, chlorine, and lightning levels all from your Smartphone.  Automating your swimming pool can improve the overall cost of the pool. However, if you’re planning on spending a lot of time by the pool, then the investment will be worth it.

Infinity pools

There are some pool designs that try to show the water flows continuously into the landscape. This is certainly awesome to behold. Although it can add a lot of extra cost to your budget, you will love this design if you’re the type that likes fancy designs.  However, this type of design is only possible with new pools and not when upgrading an existing one.

LED light pools

LED lights provide better visibility at night. It’s not just important for safety reasons but as a decorative medium. When the right colors are selected, you will certainly love the beauty these LED lights give your swimming pool at night.

Mosaic pool tile

A lot of people want to add some artistic touch to some areas of their pool. In fact, different types of patterns come up everyday for the admiration of pool owners. But the current design is the mosaic tile design.  To go with the trend, you can select darker mosaic in purple and blue hues.  Incorporating these to the base of the pool add a bit of sparkle to the pool’s design.

Darker pool colors

These are the current trend in the industry right now. Having a lighter pool liner is now considered and old school. You are certainly going to see many recently built pools with darker liner. These are considered more fashionable as it provides good reflection and absorbs more heat.

Natural Landscaping

Landscaping is already used on swimming pools. You will create a luxury appeal in your swimming pool if you add some elements of natural landscaping. Ornamental grasses and natural stones can actually add more glitz and glamour to your overall experience. Discuss with a landscape designer that can help you select the most appropriate landscaping designs for your pool.


These are some of the current trends in pool design. Although they may add up to the entire cost of the swimming pools, some of these designs are actually important for safety and convenient purposes.  If you’re looking to build or upgrade your swimming pool, make sure you select current designs that are trending for the summer.