Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean in Cost Effective Way

How to Clean Swimming Pool

Keeping the water crystal clear and clean without any debris settling down could be hectic for some people who own a swimming pool in backyard or front space of their home. Not all pools are same, hence required different methods of maintenance. But one thing is common in all the swimming pool in dubai and that is the requirement of routine care. If you prefer to handle general issue including broken pumps or murky water, you should see the manufacturer’s manual first before dealing with any equipment or fixing. You can also consult a best swimming pool company in Dubai to and get their top notch services to ensure your serene zone remains in good condition for decades.


To reduce the chemical consumption for pool cleaning weekly vacuum is suggested. It will also keep the water clean. If you own a manual design all you need to do is to move it forth and back over the surface of water like you do on carpet. You can also overlap the strokes. Remove the filter and check it to clean it up if required. Cleaning tools for walls solely depend on the material they are made up of.

  • For plaster lined with concrete pools use stiff brush
  • For fiberglass and vinyl walls use soft brushes

Tiles required a soft bristle brush to avoid degradation of grout and prevent scratching

Using Baking Soda

Are you out of your favorite alkalinity increaser? Did you know that a common supply from your kitchen could decrease the acidity with in no time? To bump up the level of alkalinity of your swimming pool, baking soda can do the magic. T is a best remedy in emergency. But remember that due to the powdery nature; a lot of it can make the water cloudy. Moreover, buying huge boxes is useless as it could be a little bit expensive on your pocket. Use when no alternative is available and use little amount at a time.

Above the Ground Pool Closing

The best and easiest thing you can do is the proper covering of Ground Pool. It is one of the easiest tasks which can protect your beautiful landscape from windy weather. All you need for this is

  • Cover for pool
  • Closing Chemical
  • Air Pillow
  • Winter Plugs
  • Water bags for deck

The procedure is extremely simple

  • Start with adding closing chemicals in your pool water
  • About 6-8 inches down the skimmer, drain the water
  • From pool pump and filter, remove the hoses
  • From filter and pump detach all the drain plugs
  • Store plugs, filter and pump at a secure place
  • Now in the return line install the plug
  • In the center of the pool, place blown up air pillow
  • Over the water, drape the cover and secure it with clips and cable

No extensive experience or unique techniques are required to perform this task

If you love to swim around in the hot weather of Dubai without any hassle and keep your pool sparkling clean then always have a proper supply of chlorine, shock and alkalinity increaser. Mostly these items are sold in bulk and the leftover could be use for next year.