How to maintain your swimming pool

There’s no doubt that a swimming pool requires a lot of investment. But your efforts may be a waste if you don’t carry out a proper maintenance routine on the pool. If you keep the swimming pool in the right condition, you will get maximum benefits from it for a long time. Moreover, it your entire property will have more value if the swimming pool is in perfect condition.  The following are some swimming pool maintenance tips that can guide you.

Brush and Vacuum properly

If you are using an automatic pool cleaner or a manual vacuum, it is vital to vacuum properly to get rid of any slime layer on the liner. If left without any vacuuming for a long time, slimes can easily build up. This will help your swimming pool stay clean and prolong its lifespan.

Clean filters regularly

Your filters are very important to the overall functioning of the pool. Do not allow the filters to clog for a long time as it may damage it completely. Moreover, algae can easily infest the filter when they are not cleaned regularly.  Try to clean thoroughly once or twice in every season. It will remove oils and built up dirt that may be difficult to remove if you are only rinsing.

Maintain the right water level

Generally, the right water level should be 75% up the skimmer. If you keep the level at this point, you will enjoy your swimming pool a lot better. But when you keep it bellow this altitude, some components may have problems in the long run.

Know the proper PH level

The chlorine and PH level of your swimming pool should be tested every week.  Proper care of the chemical levels is a good way of ensuring good pool maintenance. If you are really sure of the procedure for weekly maintenance, you can always contact an expert if you can afford it.

Do not allow leaks to overstay

Whenever you discover any leaks in the pool, try to fix and correct it as early as possible. It will help save the pool from further deterioration. Always repair any damaged area immediately you notice them. Acting on time will save you a lot of money from costly repairs in the future

Overall, maintaining and caring for your swimming pool will prolong the lifespan of the pool. It will also improve the overall value of your property in case you intend selling it in the future.