How to maintain your swimming pool

young adult man cleaning the pool from leaves

Carrying out a proper maintenance of your swimming pool will ensure you have the most enjoyable experience while keeping you healthy. Most pools that have been dilapidated is the result of poor maintenance culture. If you don’t know how best to keep your swimming pool tidy and safe, a consultant can help you put things in order. But below are some tips that can help you in the maintenance process.

How to maintain your swimming pool

Check the circulation of water

The water circulation system is made up of the filter, drains, pump strainer, and the skimmer. These make sure that water is properly filtered and chemicals are not toxic or bad for your body. Make sure you run the pump for a long time during the maintenance routine. It helps to effectively filter the water and keep all the items above in proper working condition.

Test frequently

Proper testing of the pool’s water is important if you want enjoy your pool without any health implication. You should also check the chemicals and add when necessary. The frequency of water testing largely depends on how often you make use of the pool. With shock treatment, you can easily get rid of dirt, bacteria, algae, and other organic matter that have found their way into the pool.

Clean out skimmers

The skimmers also need to be clean on a regular basis to remove any debris clogging on the skimmer. This will help the skimmer work effectively.

Skim Off debris and leaves

This routine should be carried out weekly to keep your pool in the right order. Make use of a long-handled skimmer to skim off insects, leaves, and other debris that may have found their way into your pool. Make sure you take out this debris before they sink into the bottom of the pool. When they go to the bottom, they may become more difficult to remove.

Brush the bottom and sides of the pool

Here, you should make use of a medium hard brush to brush off any dirt that have found their way at the bottom or sides of the pool.

Vacuum properly

Your vacuum should be submerged into the pool before you hook it up with the filter. Then vacuum properly, removing any stick or stubborn substance.  Clean the lint pot at the face of the pool pump. Make sure you release the pressure and turn off pump when doing this.


Taking care of your swimming pool is mandatory if you want to stay free of any negative health implications as a result of bad water, dirt, or debris in the pool. In essence, a well kept pool can add a lot of value to any properly. If you are too busy or not sure how best to keep your pool tidy, there are pool maintenance experts that can be of help. They will make sure that regular maintenance is carried out on your swimming pool. This gives you ample time to do other things while ensuring your pool is safe and healthy at all times.