Protect Your Swimming Pool in all Seasons Especially from Winter Freezing


With a proper maintenance and care you swimming pool can sparkle all year around. The cleanness method varies greatly according to seasons and it depends on the climate you are facing.  There are few key steps which every pool owner should adopt to ensure the optimum condition of your pool. By this regular maintenance whether you do it yourself or by hiring a great pool maintenance contractors you will save money and time and keep your special asset top notch.

First of all test the water in your pool and ensue it is safe to swim. This is the vital step of managing a pool. Don’t forget to monitor the pH level and chlorine balance so that it remains aesthetically pleasing. If you leave it as it is the viruses, bacteria and algae can cloud up to make water unhealthy. It will also become murky and affect the eyes and skin of swimmers.

The optimum usage of chemicals is mandatory for the longevity during the swimming season. Too much chlorine could become a reason of health issues where as too little can promote the algae breakout which will turn the water green. Moreover, incorrect levels of chemicals can seriously damage the swimming pool equipments and reduce its lifespan.

If you maintain the pool equipments and use it properly, it will ensure the smooth swim season throughout the year.

Seasonal maintenance

If you own a commercial pool or a residential one, you would love to opt an economical solution provided by a reliable swimming company in Dubai.


  • For 6-8 hours a day operate your filter system
  • On a daily basis check the sanitizer level
  • Keep an eye on pH levels, Alkalinity
  • Manage the level of water at least half way up
  • Clean the walls and floor regularly


  • If your landscape has tall trees clean it more regularly in fall season
  • Start using cover to protect from debris
  • Don’t let it clog
  • Reduce the hours of filtration for 2-3
  • When day gets cool reduce the chlorine


  • Turn the lights on for 30 minutes so that moisture doesn’t build up
  • Biweekly check pH and chlorine levels
  • Check the pressure on the filter


  • Completely clean you swimming pool floor and walls
  • Check out if the pump is working
  • Replace leaks and fitting issues
  • Keep the water level half way up

Keep the rays of sun shining on your pool water and take the advantage of solar filled energy of Dubai. Pick a location that will benefit the landscape and away from trees. Green Paradise can add the art of aesthetic in your garden and backyard to make it serene and beautiful.