Make Your Swimming Time Exciting with Pool Games


Crazy activities are a superior benefit when you have a pool whether on commercial level or residential. Swimming itself is a real fun but swimming pool games brings tons of enjoyment. The proper design of your water paradise can affect your mood a lot. This is the reason why reliable and experienced swimming pool constructors in Dubai should be hired.

If you want to beat the heat, choose the games from given list

Choose the games from given list:

Marco Polo

It is one of the famous pool game in which you play like a tag with eyes closed. Person called MARCO out loud and everyone else shout POLO so the person can hear and tag them.

Atomic Whirlpool

Single file is lined up at the shallow end of the pool then walk for few minutes and jog then start running around the edge current will keep you moving then suddenly start running against the current and let see if you can.

Watermelon Push Relay

It is a fun filled relay race which could be played by single person or a team. People have to push watermelon from one end to other in a pool without touching the floor while swimming.

Belly Flop Contest

Kids love this game the best flops by flopping on the water surface wins.


Kind of a freeze tag type game in a pool. One person tag the team mates and that person should stand frozen same as popsicle with their hand up straight in the air. The person changes few time and person stay tagged until some other player thaws between the players leg.

Canon Ball

Make the biggest splash by folding the legs around chest and don’t forget to wrap your arm to make your body like a ball. The best splash wins.

Submarine Race

Hold your breath and swim like a submarine to win the race.

Chicken Fight

Minimum 4 people are required one have to get on the team members shoulder and other team does the same. The people on the top try to knock the other.


Another type of tag game in swimming pool. One person becomes the shark and swim around to tag other become a shark.

Ping Pong

These balls don’t sink so this game could be played on the surface of the pool water.

Make it a memorable day whether you are swimming around with your family or friend in the hot weather of Dubai. It is an ultimate enjoyment for every age group.

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