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Is your garden not showing that desired look you were anticipating? A major element is missing, right? You must be forgetting a decent Pergola. The next big thing, an innovative step to decorate your backyard or pool, Pergolas can perfectly change the landscape of outdoor space. Used all over the world, they are structure placed overhead, which provides appealing and cozy look to your patch. With an experience of several years in industry and wide breadth skills, resources, passion, strong reputation and rock solid connections, Green Paradise is the most reliable custom made pergola manufacturers in Dubai. We get the job done on exact time without any delays, beyond your expectation and below the budget you anticipated.

Our portfolio of Custom Made Pergolas

Give Your Garden a New Look with the Best Pergola Design Company in Dubai

Our experts at Green Paradise will create an ideal pergola which meets your requirements, feasible for your budget and elevate you space for personal taste. You can make your house gatherings lively with stylish and simple roofing and a deck spacious enough.

You can choose from a variety of options and materials which we offer. We will provide a suitable landscape consultant who will analyze the area you got and advise you regarding the size and type of Pergola that can best suit your outdoor. You can also add this excellent extension the way you want. With the ground-breaking vision of the best Pergola design company in Dubai, you can add functional room and elegance to amuse your family.

General sizes of pergola are

  • 4×4 m
  • 5×4 m
  • 6×4 m
  • 5 m

Get Paradise like Shaded Space by Pergola Design Company in UAE

Attached to the columns in your villa or construct over a pool, you can enhance your living space with pergolas. Come in an extensive variety of materials including vinyl, fiber and wood, these beauties are the best garden feature you can install. From square, oval to round different colors can give your patio an amazing touch of aesthetic.  Let the finest pergola design company in UAE give a modern and sleek stroke to your deck.

Popular formats include

  • Rooftop style
  • Classic
  • Mission modular
  • Shade awning
  • Acyclic roof panels
  • Keystone

Consult our team to create yours and add an exquisite elegance to your garden.

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