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Why you need to hire a professional to clean your pool

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There are many reasons why hiring a professional for your pool repairs is far better than a do-it-yourself approach. The pool maintenance service provider will make use of the right chemicals and water level, giving your pool a professional touch. And a lot of things can happen to your pool that may require calling the service of a professional. read more

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How to maintain your swimming pool

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Carrying out a proper maintenance of your swimming pool will ensure you have the most enjoyable experience while keeping you healthy. Most pools that have been dilapidated is the result of poor maintenance culture. If you don’t know how best to keep your swimming pool tidy and safe, a consultant can help you put things in order. But below are some tips that can help you in the maintenance process. read more

What process does a swimming pool construction take?

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The decision to have an inbound swimming pool in your backyard is not an easy one as it requires financial outlay and a lot of planning. If you are looking to have a compact designed pool for your relaxation and convenience in Dubai, there are certain things you need to know about swimming pool construction. Below are some vital information you should be aware of when constructing a swimming pool in Dubai. read more

Types of Swimming pool designs

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If you are looking to have a swimming pool in your home in UAE, there are lots of design options for you. It’s important to know what it in vogue. Otherwise you may end up putting up a design that’s no longer in fashion. The Dubai climate is not really a cool one, so you should take temperature regulation into consideration when designing a swimming pool in Dubai. Availability of materials, local codes, lot size, and budget should all be factored before picking the right design for your pool.  The following are the different types of designs you can have for your swimming pool. read more

Keep the optimum temperature of your pool

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In fact, the temperatures rise to such extents some time that the pool becomes nearly unusable at times.

Keep your pool temperatures under control this summer with pool heaters.

Have you heard about swimming pool heaters?

Well, don’t let the name confuse you. Swimming pool heaters don’t just heat the pool’s water during winter months. Most swimming pool heating pumps have a reverse cycle mechanism which cools the temperatures of the pool water as well. It allows the pool water to remain at a certain temperature throughout the year. read more

Swimming pool lights went out?

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Follow these simple steps to fix the problem.

  1. Switch off the central power

First and foremost, you will have to switch off the power of your entire house. This is a safety measure that needs to be taken, especially since water is a good conductor of electricity and you may receive a nasty electric shock otherwise. read more

Cleaning a pool isn’t as hard as it sounds

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The three Cs of pool care are circulation, chemistry, and cleaning. Obviously, cleaning is necessary to maintain the hygiene of your pool and ensure that you don’t contract any nasty infections from swimming in there. Although people normally assume that cleaning a pool is an extremely strenuous task, all it takes is the right equipment and a bit of effort. read more

Importance of cleaning the pool

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The clean-looking pool water doesn’t mean that it is actually hygienic. Besides, apart from cleaning, there are various other tasks to ensure that the pool water is safe and healthy for all.

And, nothing can be better than availing the services of a professional pool maintenance company in this regard. read more

Current swimming pool trends for the summer

by Green Paradise |July 16, 2018 |0 Comments | blog

Are you considering building or upgrading your existing pool this year? While it’s important to stay within your budget, there are certain things you need to understand about the current swimming pool designs. So, you need to look at the current trends to make sure you select a trending design. read more

Things you need for a movie experience in your swimming pool

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Life is fun if you always try to do things that make you more relaxed and comfortable.  And relaxing in the swimming pool is a good way to calm those nerves and stay rejuvenated for more tasks ahead of you. One of the most recent things added to outdoor swimming pool is the ability to watch movies in the swimming pool. It’s a recent trend and many people love the idea of a dive-in movie experience. read more

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