5 Reasons for Installing a Pergola in Dubai

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Everyone thinks about sprucing up their home but find it difficult to achieve. People are afraid of time it will take, the planning it requires and the clean-up job which ask lots of effort. There is another fear of expected idea will not look as good as you were imagining. The most time-tested and easy way to give your backyard a touch of paradise is through adding a pergola in Dubai. It will provide a visual appeal, and an opportunity to enjoy the views under the shadow.

If you own a property in the UAE, whether it is a commercial or residential, you always search for a creative interior and exterior designer to make it awe-inspiring. Most of the homeowners enjoy relaxing in their backyards and organizations hire the landscaping company in Dubai to make their workplace a treat for eyes.

Beautify your Garden

It is a structure which has wooden columns on all sides, covered with beams or lattices along the linking column present at the top. Whether it is the Arabic pergola, BKS or Bamboo designed; you can easily grow and hang the plants which can dangle prettily.

Protect from Sun rays

If you don’t relax in your garden due to lack of shades which can protect you from the harsh sun rays of UAE, then install a pergola in Dubai is the ultimate solution. Not just you have a wooden shade, but the plants will also provide a calm and cool shelter which will make your outdoor soul alive.

Block out Unpleasant Views

There might be a dying tree, an ugly shed of your neighbor, or clothes hanging on your wall which can destroy the view for you and your guests. Pergola will add a sense of aesthetic that you can enjoy with friends and family.

Combine with other Landscapes

There are many other structures such as, verandas, gazebos, stone path or plantation which can complement the overall result. Imagine a leafy path which starts with a beautiful structure of pergola ending in a veranda to create an attractive outdoor are. If you will hire Green Paradise, the best landscaping company in Dubai, you will have a benefit of innovative designs with a creative touch and magical results. Let us sync your pergola with the beautiful exterior scenery.

 Increase value of your home

If you want to have extra value for your property, adding a pergola will be a cost-effective and a remarkable option. Your boring landscape will turn into a wonderland with an extra layer of sun protection. You will surely attract prospect clients when you will sell your house.

Make Your Swimming Time Exciting with Pool Games

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Crazy activities are a superior benefit when you have a pool whether on commercial level or residential. Swimming itself is a real fun but swimming pool games brings tons of enjoyment. The proper design of your water paradise can affect your mood a lot. This is the reason why reliable and experienced swimming pool constructors in Dubai should be hired.

If you want to beat the heat, choose the games from given list

Choose the games from given list:

Marco Polo

It is one of the famous pool game in which you play like a tag with eyes closed. Person called MARCO out loud and everyone else shout POLO so the person can hear and tag them.

Atomic Whirlpool

Single file is lined up at the shallow end of the pool then walk for few minutes and jog then start running around the edge current will keep you moving then suddenly start running against the current and let see if you can.

Watermelon Push Relay

It is a fun filled relay race which could be played by single person or a team. People have to push watermelon from one end to other in a pool without touching the floor while swimming.

Belly Flop Contest

Kids love this game the best flops by flopping on the water surface wins.


Kind of a freeze tag type game in a pool. One person tag the team mates and that person should stand frozen same as popsicle with their hand up straight in the air. The person changes few time and person stay tagged until some other player thaws between the players leg.

Canon Ball

Make the biggest splash by folding the legs around chest and don’t forget to wrap your arm to make your body like a ball. The best splash wins.

Submarine Race

Hold your breath and swim like a submarine to win the race.

Chicken Fight

Minimum 4 people are required one have to get on the team members shoulder and other team does the same. The people on the top try to knock the other.


Another type of tag game in swimming pool. One person becomes the shark and swim around to tag other become a shark.

Ping Pong

These balls don’t sink so this game could be played on the surface of the pool water.

Make it a memorable day whether you are swimming around with your family or friend in the hot weather of Dubai. It is an ultimate enjoyment for every age group.

If you want to keep your pool clean for such entertainment all around the year, hire the best pool constructor in Dubai and keep it well maintained. Green Paradise is a renowned and reliable company which provides assistance in all solution of your landscaping to swimming pool maintenance in the UAE.

Protect Your Swimming Pool in all Seasons Especially from Winter Freezing

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With a proper maintenance and care you swimming pool can sparkle all year around. The cleanness method varies greatly according to seasons and it depends on the climate you are facing.  There are few key steps which every pool owner should adopt to ensure the optimum condition of your pool. By this regular maintenance whether you do it yourself or by hiring a great pool maintenance contractors you will save money and time and keep your special asset top notch.

First of all test the water in your pool and ensue it is safe to swim. This is the vital step of managing a pool. Don’t forget to monitor the pH level and chlorine balance so that it remains aesthetically pleasing. If you leave it as it is the viruses, bacteria and algae can cloud up to make water unhealthy. It will also become murky and affect the eyes and skin of swimmers.

The optimum usage of chemicals is mandatory for the longevity during the swimming season. Too much chlorine could become a reason of health issues where as too little can promote the algae breakout which will turn the water green. Moreover, incorrect levels of chemicals can seriously damage the swimming pool equipments and reduce its lifespan.

If you maintain the pool equipments and use it properly, it will ensure the smooth swim season throughout the year.

Seasonal maintenance

If you own a commercial pool or a residential one, you would love to opt an economical solution provided by a reliable swimming company in Dubai.


  • For 6-8 hours a day operate your filter system
  • On a daily basis check the sanitizer level
  • Keep an eye on pH levels, Alkalinity
  • Manage the level of water at least half way up
  • Clean the walls and floor regularly


  • If your landscape has tall trees clean it more regularly in fall season
  • Start using cover to protect from debris
  • Don’t let it clog
  • Reduce the hours of filtration for 2-3
  • When day gets cool reduce the chlorine


  • Turn the lights on for 30 minutes so that moisture doesn’t build up
  • Biweekly check pH and chlorine levels
  • Check the pressure on the filter


  • Completely clean you swimming pool floor and walls
  • Check out if the pump is working
  • Replace leaks and fitting issues
  • Keep the water level half way up

Keep the rays of sun shining on your pool water and take the advantage of solar filled energy of Dubai. Pick a location that will benefit the landscape and away from trees. Green Paradise can add the art of aesthetic in your garden and backyard to make it serene and beautiful.

Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean in Cost Effective Way

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How to Clean Swimming Pool

Keeping the water crystal clear and clean without any debris settling down could be hectic for some people who own a swimming pool in backyard or front space of their home. Not all pools are same, hence required different methods of maintenance. But one thing is common in all the swimming pool in dubai and that is the requirement of routine care. If you prefer to handle general issue including broken pumps or murky water, you should see the manufacturer’s manual first before dealing with any equipment or fixing. You can also consult a best swimming pool company in Dubai to and get their top notch services to ensure your serene zone remains in good condition for decades.


To reduce the chemical consumption for pool cleaning weekly vacuum is suggested. It will also keep the water clean. If you own a manual design all you need to do is to move it forth and back over the surface of water like you do on carpet. You can also overlap the strokes. Remove the filter and check it to clean it up if required. Cleaning tools for walls solely depend on the material they are made up of.

  • For plaster lined with concrete pools use stiff brush
  • For fiberglass and vinyl walls use soft brushes

Tiles required a soft bristle brush to avoid degradation of grout and prevent scratching

Using Baking Soda

Are you out of your favorite alkalinity increaser? Did you know that a common supply from your kitchen could decrease the acidity with in no time? To bump up the level of alkalinity of your swimming pool, baking soda can do the magic. T is a best remedy in emergency. But remember that due to the powdery nature; a lot of it can make the water cloudy. Moreover, buying huge boxes is useless as it could be a little bit expensive on your pocket. Use when no alternative is available and use little amount at a time.

Above the Ground Pool Closing

The best and easiest thing you can do is the proper covering of Ground Pool. It is one of the easiest tasks which can protect your beautiful landscape from windy weather. All you need for this is

  • Cover for pool
  • Closing Chemical
  • Air Pillow
  • Winter Plugs
  • Water bags for deck

The procedure is extremely simple

  • Start with adding closing chemicals in your pool water
  • About 6-8 inches down the skimmer, drain the water
  • From pool pump and filter, remove the hoses
  • From filter and pump detach all the drain plugs
  • Store plugs, filter and pump at a secure place
  • Now in the return line install the plug
  • In the center of the pool, place blown up air pillow
  • Over the water, drape the cover and secure it with clips and cable

No extensive experience or unique techniques are required to perform this task

If you love to swim around in the hot weather of Dubai without any hassle and keep your pool sparkling clean then always have a proper supply of chlorine, shock and alkalinity increaser. Mostly these items are sold in bulk and the leftover could be use for next year.