Things you need for a movie experience in your swimming pool

Life is fun if you always try to do things that make you more relaxed and comfortable.  And relaxing in the swimming pool is a good way to calm those nerves and stay rejuvenated for more tasks ahead of you. One of the most recent things added to outdoor swimming pool is the ability to watch movies in the swimming pool. It’s a recent trend and many people love the idea of a dive-in movie experience.

Interestingly, you don’t need to spend a fortune to be able to enjoy this luxury. With a laptop and a nice projector, you’ll be able to create an unforgettable movie experience right in the comfort of your swimming pool.

Things you need for a movie experience in your swimming pool

  • Pool floats
  • Sitting platform
  • Large wall or projector screen
  • Movie collections
  • Projector
  • DVD player or a projector

Connecting them together

After obtaining all of the above listed materials, you can go on to put them together.  The first thing you need to do is to mount the projector wall. This is where the projector will reflect to show you your favorite movie as you relax.  If you can’t find a projector wall, you can always a white plane sheet on the wall. Raise the sheet to provide a clearer view for both you and your friends.

Setup projector

The next step is to setup your projector and connect to your DVD or laptop. There are different types of projectors as they come with different quality. Select a good one that goes with your budget. As a first time buyer, there are certain features you want to see in the projector. But the most important feature is to be able to connect through a cable to different types of DVD players or laptops. Select one with multiple connecting options like VGA, RCA, and HDMI. This brings versatility and ease of use.

Setup the projector where nothing will obstruct its connection to the projector wall. Usually it’s best to place it on a high place using a stool or a table.

Connect the projector to the DVD or laptop

This is pretty simple to do. Just as you will connect your DVD player to the television, attach the relevant cables to link up the DVD or laptop to the projector. Once this is done, position the projector directly opposite the projector wall. You can now enjoy your favorite movies with friends and family while relaxing in the swimming pool.

Note: Some laptops may not be as loud as you will love for an outdoor movie experience.  In that case, getting a good speaker will augment your movie experience.  This may add up on the expenses, but getting a good sound output is one of the most important goals when watching outdoor movies.

Final Words

The above are the right steps to take to enjoy a great movie experience in the swimming pool.   You can have a lot of fun and enjoy your time with the right movie gadgets.