Types of Swimming pool designs

If you are looking to have a swimming pool in your home in UAE, there are lots of design options for you. It’s important to know what it in vogue. Otherwise you may end up putting up a design that’s no longer in fashion. The Dubai climate is not really a cool one, so you should take temperature regulation into consideration when designing a swimming pool in Dubai. Availability of materials, local codes, lot size, and budget should all be factored before picking the right design for your pool.  The following are the different types of designs you can have for your swimming pool.

Types of Swimming pool designs

Indoor pool

As the name implies, these types of swimming pools are always designed indoors for trainers and not necessary for relaxation. Building this type of swimming pool is usually less expensive than outdoor pools because of their insulation design. Heat is not likely going to escape the way it does when the pool is built outside.

Recreational family pool

You must have a lot of space and enough budget to have a swimming pool that can serve you and your family. That is the rationality behind a family sized pool. Most family pools are designed to have boulders, tunnels, elaborate slides, great water features.

Architectural modern pool

As the name implies, this type of pool have definite lines and structures. It makes use of similar materials to give an all round look. Generally, an architectural swimming pool is planned by an architect, sophisticated, and geometric. Architects take into consideration the size and design of the house when they construct this type of pool.

A plunge pool

A plunge pool resembles a spa when viewed from far. But when you step into the cold water, you will realize it’s not really a spa. They are usually smaller in size compared to the conventional pool you know.  Plunge pools are utilized by athletes and trainers who love diving into cold water because of its therapeutic benefits.

A lap pool

Lap pools are generally designed for health and fitness purposes. That’s why their design is usually unique and different from other types of pools. They are generally narrow and long, with rectangular shape.

Kiddie pool

These are one of the least expensive swimming pools to have. They are inflatable and dispensable. Here, there is no design needed. If you have enough space to keep this type of pool, you will enjoy the same level of excitement if you are swimming in a constructed pool.

Infinite edge pools

These are called by various names. They are also called disappearing edge pools, zero edge, negative edge, or vanishing edge pools. They are usually designed to give an imagination of waterfalls from the building when in essence there is no physical waterfall.  They are quite expensive because of the processes involved in the design. If you are looking for a high-end swimming pool, you may love an infinite edge pool.

There are several other types of pools including backyard hot tub, salt water pools, and Olympic pools. It’s important to find out the features of these pools to determine which one will be perfect in your home.