Professional Swimming Pool Maintenance

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Professional Swimming Pool Maintenance

There are several factors such as leaves, windy weather, and bacterial accumulation which can cause debris in your pool. A professional chemist hired from swimming pool cleaning company can make the water crystal clear and clean. It just not only provides shinny water, but it is essential for the health of people diving in the pool. You can save a lot of money, save time, and enjoy the paradise in your backyard.  This will increase the life of pool’s internal machines and external parts in the long run. You can contact Green Paradise to ease your worries.

Types of Pool Cleaning & Repair

The most crucial step in maintenance is water balance. It is also the most confusing procedure and requires expertise. Our services start from AED 20,000 and include:

Pool Leakage Maintenance

We find the causes behind decrease in water level, issues with the structures, and leakage points. The task takes 10 to 15 days.

Pool Surface Repair

Our experts take 5 to 10 days to completely resurface your commercial or residential swimming pool.

Water Pump Maintenance

We find the problem in the pump and offer the best possible solution. If it requires repair we take 2 to 3 days, but if replacement is required, we do the job in 1 day.

Swimming Pool Heater Maintenance

We keep the water at moderate temperature by finding the issues in your heating systems. It usually takes 1 to 5 days depending on the issue.

Our Pool Designs & Projects

We have worked for commercial and residential clients and provided unparalleled solution to fix their swimming pool.

Process & Cost Pool Maintenance

Inspection The Landscape

We visit your commercial or residential property to check out the size and issue of swimming pool which requires maintenances.

Suggest The Repair

We suggest the best possible solution for the repairing of your pool surface and equipment’s.


We sign an official contract for the stated quotation of your repair. The moment you agree, we start working to resolve it.


My swimming pool was filled with algae and they really do a great job in cleaning it up.


We have signed an annual contract with Green Paradise to keep our swimming pool water germ free.

Munir Khilji

Really happy with their cleaning services for the pool in my villa.


I have a huge swimming pool in my gym center and they are my saviors when it comes to cleaning.


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